Hospitality without stress: this is how we manage it
06-07-2023, 16:23
Exhibitors already have enough on their minds in the run-up to the art fair. Fortunately, Eventpartners is there to relieve them of the burden of inviting their clients and associates, which is a challenge in itself. Five ways we did that for KunstRAI.
1. A shielded environment

Each exhibitor was given access to their own online environment, secured by 2-factor authentication. This allowed them to manage the details of their own relations and invite their own guests to specific days and moments.

2. A customised invitation system

The invitation system was adapted in advance to the exhibitors' needs, making inviting their guests quick and easy.

3. Real-time insights

In their own personal environment, exhibitors could see how their RSVPs had fared. If desired, a reminder could be sent.

4. Printed invitations

Prefer to send a printed invitation? No problem. The QR code required for entrance was printed on the card by Eventpartners.

5. Registration desk with look-up system

Guests who did not have their ticket at hand could register at our registration desk at the fair.

Want to know more?

A detailed explanation and tips for organising an art fair can be found in our paper 'Event registration at art fairs'.