Your participation in the art fair perfectly arranged
13-01-2023, 13:55
As an exhibitor at an art fair, you want everything to run smoothly. From selling your art to the visitors. From receiving your relations to security. And everything else involved. But how do you arrange all that? And how do you ensure watertight registration?
At Eventpartners, we know what is important to you as an exhibitor

Our reliable event software is always appropriate for every event. And through our Experience with renowned art fairs such as TEFAF, Brafa and PAN its there are no more secrets for optimal organisation. Even at smaller fairs such as Collectible and PAD we know what is going on and what to look out for.  

The benefits of working with Eventpartners

We like to put why our event software makes it so easy for you. 

Inviting relations is very simple

You don't want the hassle of sending invitations. With our user-friendly system, you can easily upload your contacts' data. So you don't have to worry about it.

You only pay for the scanned tickets

We can imagine that sometimes the list of guests is longer than the budget allows. Then it's nice to know that you only pay for the relations who actually come. So choosing is no longer necessary. Nodify as many relationships as you want. We provide a balanced administration.

All data is well secured

If you invite relations, you don't want their data to be on the street. With our software system, all data is well protected. That is reassuring.

Sending printed tickets is also possible

To your most important relations, you probably want to send nice printed tickets. That's no problem. We arrange the data files and QR codes you need so that the tickets only need to be made up.

Unexpected guests are also welcome

Someone may arrive at the fair unexpectedly. Or a relation may have forgotten their tickets. That's no problem. We make sure these people get a warm welcome too.

A complete tailor-made solution

So you see, eand successful event starts with the right event software. But it is true that every event different is. Therefore work we with different packages. So you get exactly the solution you need. That's easy. Whether the event is large or small, you can count on a reliable tool and good support. From start to finish. And would you like to ook on site like support? Dan we will arrange that too, possibly even with hostesses. That is where our distinctiveness lies. Whichever package you choose.

Mark Grol from PAN Amsterdam experienced our service and expertise first-hand: 

"The system is foolproof and guarantees safe handling of the data participants provide. All participants also know how to handle the back-office system: one of our participants is an 85-year-old man. If he can handle it, anyone can." 

More information?

Read in our paper 'Event registration at art fairs' exactly how the invitation of different invitees is established in an orderly and secure way.

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