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06-03-2024, 12:28
Congresses provide an excellent platform for sharing the latest developments and achievements within a field or sector. But if your congress is organised annually, it can be quite a challenge to make each edition at least as interesting and appealing to participants as the previous one. How do you prevent your congress from feeling routine and lacking in innovation, without immediately having to invest huge extra amounts of money? We present you with some simple but impressive ways to upgrade your congress so that this edition will remain in the memory of the participants for a long time.
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06-03-2024, 12:15
Organising a conference with breakout sessions is a challenging undertaking. Those without tight control over planning and coordination can prepare for a disaster day in multiple acts. Breakout sessions, which are designed to engage congress participants in depth with particular themes, require an approach of military precision. But fortunately, with the right software, conference organisers can significantly simplify the complexities of organising breakout sessions to create a seamless and inspiring experience for participants. Here's how you do it.
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06-03-2024, 12:01
Organising a congress is no easy task. There are so many facets that need your attention. And where and how do you start? This exploratory checklist for organising a congress can get you started. Each point on this list requires your attention and should be turned into a strategic approach. By following this list, your congress will not only be a platform for knowledge sharing, but also a memorable experience that attracts and retains participants.
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06-03-2024, 11:55
For conference organisers, an effective visitor registration and monitoring system is essential. These systems play a crucial role not only in the management and logistics of the event, but also in ensuring security, privacy and a smooth, personalised experience for each participant. But how do you arrange this smartly? All you need to know.
17-01-2024, 13:08
Art fairs have played a central role in the art market for years, and 2024 promises to be no exception. In this article, we take a look at 5 key developments that will affect the art fair sector in the coming year.
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13-12-2023, 10:56
For collectors, art lovers and exhibitors, art fairs are a highlight. But how do you make sure your art fair offers an unforgettable experience? From enriching the VIP experience to implementing cutting-edge digital tools; 9 practical pieces of advice to optimise your art fair.
16-11-2023, 14:14
Michiel van der Wal is a prominent art advisor who used to live in New York and is now based in The Hague, The Netherlands. With a career spanning across continents, Michiel brings a wealth of experience in guiding individual collectors in forming art collections. He shares his perspective on the art market, the evolution of art fairs, and his strategies for investing in art pieces that not only provide enjoyment but also potential increase in value.
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15-11-2023, 14:02
Anyone who regularly visits an art fair knows: you meet people from all walks of life, but there are a few types you run into every fair. The following twelve, for example. How do you recognise them? And what is the best way to start a conversation with them? At the next art fair, take this list with you and tick it off!
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15-11-2023, 12:12
10 surprisingly simple ways
Your art fair is the highlight of the year. Then you want your guests to experience this exclusivity from start to finish. You want to immerse them in a VIP experience they'll be talking about for ages to come. That is why we have listed 10 surprisingly simple ways to make this happen.
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18-10-2023, 16:25
Art dealers, art fair organisers, art lovers and anyone wishing to delve into the international art market should read the book The Art Fair Story: A Rollercoaster Ride. In it, art fair journalist Melanie Gerlis explores the fascinating dynamics of the art world and the role art fairs play in it, with an entertaining take on the international art market.
09-08-2023, 16:26
Summer holidays really don't have to consist only of sun, sea and beach. For the sun-loving art lover, there are plenty of great summer destinations where you can alternate sunbathing with a fine dose of art and culture. Five summer destinations for art lovers.
06-07-2023, 16:23
Exhibitors already have enough on their minds in the run-up to the art fair. Fortunately, Eventpartners is there to relieve them of the burden of inviting their clients and associates, which is a challenge in itself. Five ways we did that for KunstRAI.
06-07-2023, 16:19
Peter Koopmans exhibits with his Galerie Contempo at PAN Amsterdam and the KunstRAI every year. As an exhibitor, how does he view the organisation of art fairs? What makes an art fair a success for him and what is the biggest letdown on a VIP evening? He tells in this interview.
29-06-2023, 16:12
Whether it's exploring pioneering artists or finding a beleaguered masterpiece, art fairs are the places of choice to discover what's going on in the art world. But what people are perhaps less aware of is the way these art fairs themselves are evolving. We go off the beaten track and look at seven unmissable trends in the world of art fairs.
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01-02-2023, 16:41
From TEFAF to Art Basel, wherever art and people are brought together, there are sponsors who help make this possible.
From TEFAF to Art Basel, wherever art and people are brought together, there are sponsors who help make this possible. You will regularly see these three brands on the sponsorship list of art fairs.
13-01-2023, 13:55
As an exhibitor at an art fair, you want everything to run smoothly. From selling your art to the visitors. From receiving your relations to security. And everything else involved. But how do you arrange all that? And how do you ensure watertight registration?
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13-01-2023, 13:54
The success of an art fair depends on many factors. One of them is positive media attention. To generate this attention, it is not only important to bring the art fair sufficiently to the attention of press representatives, but also to set up a conclusive system that allows only legitimate and desirable press representatives access to the fair. Accreditation, in other words. In this article, we explain what benefits you can gain from press accreditation and how best to go about it when organising an art fair.
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13-01-2023, 13:54
Exhibitors are the backbone of any art fair, because without them there would be no high-profile art, visitors, sponsors and media attention. How do you ensure that your exhibitors will soon look back on the exhibition with satisfaction? These tips are definitely going to help you.
13-01-2023, 13:49
Here's what you need to consider as an art fair organiser
Privacy: an increasingly hot topic. Anyone who comes into contact with another person's data must comply with all kinds of laws and regulations. As an exhibition organiser, you also have to deal with a lot of personal data. Of exhibitors and their relations, for instance. But also of sponsors and other visitors to the fair. So caution is called for, and sometimes that is quite difficult. Because you don't want to make any mistakes when it comes to private data. But what exactly are the rules you have to comply with? And how do you offer your exhibitors and relations sufficient protection?