Visitor registration and privacy
Here's what you need to consider as an art fair organiser
13-01-2023, 13:49
Privacy: an increasingly hot topic. Anyone who comes into contact with another person's data must comply with all kinds of laws and regulations. As an exhibition organiser, you also have to deal with a lot of personal data. Of exhibitors and their relations, for instance. But also of sponsors and other visitors to the fair. So caution is called for, and sometimes that is quite difficult. Because you don't want to make any mistakes when it comes to private data. But what exactly are the rules you have to comply with? And how do you offer your exhibitors and relations sufficient protection?
Protection of personal data is a fundamental right of everyone

In Europe, since 2018, the law General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the Netherlands, we have incorporated this European law into the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). In the Netherlands, the Personal Data Authority (AP) enforces all these rules.

As an art fair organiser, you also process personal data

Often these are not just the details of the exhibitors, but also of sponsors, visitors, stand builders and press. One group that requires special attention is that of the customers and relations of your exhibitors. For exhibitors, their customers are their raison d'être. Handing over this data they do usually not. It is therefore important to there take into account and find a solution for it.

As an art fair organiser, what all do you need to think about?

So caution is called for. But how do you do it properly? Some topics to consider:

Data minimisation

Question only data you also actually used. So for example, no address details if you work with online tickets.


Make sure you clearly indicate in advance can indicate why you need that data and what you do with the requested data does. En who is allowed to see it.

Right to be forgotten

If someone wants you to delete their data, then you must comply with that request and remove the data from your file.

Want to know if you, as an organiser, comply with all the rules around privacy?

We understand that it sometimes is all quite a quest. But you don't have to do it alone. There are plenty of helplines. See e.g. take a look at the website of the Personal Data Authority (AP). There find the AVG rule aid. This allows you to test whether you meet the currently applicable regulation. Or that you need to take action.

Eventpartners' event software ensures control and overview

At Eventpartners, we know what is important when organising an art fair. Also when it comes to privacy and securing personal data. Reliability is at the top of our priority list and we know from our years of experience how best to do this. Just a hint:   

  • Each exhibitor will have their own secure environment with 2-factor authentication to invite his or her relations. You as an organiser enter into a processing agreement with your exhibitors about this. This means that you can offer your exhibitors the assurance that no one else sees this data. 
  • We only work with hosting parties that meet the required ISO certifications and write our software according to privacy by default and privacy by design principles. So we ensure privacy-enhancing measures as early as the development of our software. And the default settings are set to be maximally privacy-friendly. This creates the most secure system possible and maximises the watertightness of the software. 
  • We advise you as an organiser throughout the process. Together, we look at what data you really need. How can we collect it and what can you use this data for? 
Want to know more?

Have we made you curious and want to know what else to consider?

Then download our paper: Event registration at art fairs.