Visitor registration at conferences: everything you need to know
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06-03-2024, 11:55
For conference organisers, an effective visitor registration and monitoring system is essential. These systems play a crucial role not only in the management and logistics of the event, but also in ensuring security, privacy and a smooth, personalised experience for each participant. But how do you arrange this smartly? All you need to know.
Congress registration and processing of personal data


As a conference organiser, you collect various personal data when registering conference attendees. From name and contact information to dietary requirements and preferences for certain sessions. It is important that you collect and process this data in an orderly manner. This is because the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in force in Europe. This legislation ensures that personal data is stored securely and only used for specific purposes with the participant's consent. As a conference organiser, you need to take a number of issues into account based on the GDPR:

- Capture only what is necessary

Only ask for data you actually need and use. For example, do not record address details if you work with online tickets.

- Be transparent about what you record

Make sure you can clearly state in advance why you need that data, how and for what purpose you use the data and who is allowed to see the data. Participants should therefore be well informed before entering their data. You should also give your visitors the option to refuse permission to process this data.

- Remove data on request

If someone has entered their data when registering and afterwards wants you to delete their data, you must comply with that request and remove the data from your file. This has to do with the right to be forgotten.


Visitor registration and security


Security is paramount at any congress. A reliable registration and monitoring system helps congress organisers identify attendees and orchestrate visitor flows before and during the congress, which is important to prevent unwanted crowds and manage emergency situations if they arise.


Visitor (flows) monitoring during the congress


Modern event registration systems often offer extensive monitoring and analysis capabilities. By using badge scanning to track which sessions are most popular and how visitors move through the event, organisers can gain valuable insights. For example, which stands are crowded and which are not? This data can be used to improve the experience at future events, for example by optimising the layout of rooms or adapting the programme to participants' interests.


Visitor registration and awarding of accreditation points


Awarding accreditation points is a key pillar for many professional conferences. Participants such as medical specialists and lawyers can use these points to demonstrate that they continue to develop within their field. An advanced registration and monitoring system can automate the process of awarding these points. And because it can be monitored on the conference day itself which sessions participants have participated in and for how long, it creates a foolproof system for awarding accreditation points.


Opt for an advanced event registration system


A sophisticated visitor registration and monitoring system is indispensable for successfully organising a conference. It not only ensures a streamlined experience for both organisers and participants, but also contributes to security, respects privacy and supports participants' professional development. By carefully choosing a system that meets these criteria, you lay the foundation for a successful and memorable event.


Eventpartners' event software ensures control and overview


Eventpartners has years of experience in visitor registration at congresses and knows what is important to congress organisations. Efficiency, reliability and privacy go hand in hand with us. This is why congress organisations choose our event registration and monitoring services:

  • We provide a secure environment to invite people. For this, the main organiser enters into a processing agreement with the other inviting parties. 
  • We only work with hosting parties that meet the required ISO certifications and write our software according to privacy-by-default and privacy-by-design principles. So we ensure privacy-enhancing measures as early as the development of our software. And the default settings are set to be maximally privacy-friendly. This creates the most secure system possible and makes the software maximally watertight. 
  • We offer advanced features during the conference, such as a photobooth for on-site badge printing and a digital queuing system for booth visits, so visitors do not have to physically queue up.
  • We advise you as an organiser throughout the process. Together, we look at what data you really need. How can we collect it and what can you use this data for?


Want to know more?

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