Here's how to give your guests a VIP experience at your art fair
10 surprisingly simple ways
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15-11-2023, 12:12
Your art fair is the highlight of the year. Then you want your guests to experience this exclusivity from start to finish. You want to immerse them in a VIP experience they'll be talking about for ages to come. That is why we have listed 10 surprisingly simple ways to make this happen.
A VIP feeling through your invitations and tickets

Of course, the VIP experience starts well before your art fair has even begun. The special feeling you want to give your guests starts with the invitation. There are several ways to make your guests feel special through the invitation or tickets:

1. Differentiate when you invite people

For example, send an invitation that allows you to enter at a special time. Perhaps for a sneak preview or an official toast to a successful trade fair. Or give your guests several days' access to the fair with a VIP ticket.

2. Work with a readiness system

Your guest does not need to print tickets in advance or keep his phone ready to scan a QR code. He or she can simply come to the fair and everything will be ready at the counter. The important thing here is that everything is right so your guests don't come for nothing. Of course, that immediately takes away the whole VIP feeling.

3. A golden colour gives an instant VIP feeling

Therefore, give the card or e-wallet a golden colour for special guests. This will show that they are at the top of your priority list.

4. Make use of printed tickets

Of course, we do more and more things online. But how nice is a printed ticket with a nice design on sturdy paper. Turn it into a valuable piece of art. Then you really give your guests something to keep.

Special attention at entry and registration

You only get one chance for a first impression. That means the reception of your guests at the art fair has to be right from the start. Otherwise, you are immediately 1-0 behind. A few points of interest to get this right:

5. Ensure a smooth reception

Your hosts and hostesses know what VIP treatment entails and there are no waiting times at the counter.

6. A dedicated desk for when something goes wrong

Of course, something can always go wrong. Someone is not on your guest list, for example. Or one is in the wrong place. You can easily solve that with personal attention at a dedicated desk. That immediately gives a personal feeling.

More tips for making your guests feel like VIPs

Of course, there are other things you can do for your guests:

7. Choose a good name for your event

The label or name of your event can also contribute to a special feeling. Take for example 'The Young Collectors' or 'All Art Professionals'. As a guest, you want to be a part of that.

8. Provide a VIP area at the venue itself

You like to give your VIP guests the feeling of exclusivity. Therefore, provide a room you can only enter with a special pass. A reception with a nice bubble and exclusive snacks completes it all.

9. Arrange special transport to the fair

Are your guests arriving by plane or train? Then arrange to pick them up and bring them to the door of the fair grounds. This way, they will lack nothing and can fully enjoy the fair.

10. Opt for high-quality trade fair decoration

A VIP feeling stands or falls with a good trade fair decoration. Therefore, choose beautiful materials and do not skimp on fair clothing and catering. That way, your art fair will exude exclusivity.

Eventpartners' event software ensures a flawless exhibition

Our reliable event software is always suitable for your trade fair or event. You keep an overview and everything is organised down to the last detail the way you want it. Because smooth running is the most important thing for a VIP feeling. And we at Eventpartners know that like no other. We have been organising everything down to the last detail for years. So that you can focus on your guests without any worries.

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