registration software.

We make the invitation, online registration and visitor registration for fairs, congresses and events easy.

Software and hardware you need

Invitation, communication and registration

An online environment to track registrations and keep in contact with your colleagues and visitors.

Event app

A personalized online platform with application for your event.

Online payment

A facturation module that makes it possible for visitors to register and pay through the registration page.

Backoffice for participant management

Manage and change participant information, invitations and more.

Visitor registration at the event

We supply the software and hardware to facilitate the registration at your event.

E-tickets and badges at the event

Downloadable as PDF, Passbook, Wallet and Mobile ticket.

We fit your event:


Do you prefer having a personalized online environment, which is suited for multi-event planning and everyday use? We can set you up with a system that's full-functional and adapted to the homestyle of your company.

Advanced event

Do you need our help for a big event, then we can take a lot of effort out of your hands. This option is ideal when the event you organize is for instance a big yearly fair or congress.

Advanced registration software

From full-blown registration desk set-ups to easy-to-use self-registration technology.

The bigger picture
Countless smart tools

We understand that your event has specific needs, that’s why we decided to create the possibility to supply your event with various smart-tools like:

Give guests the option to sign up for a seat at specific tables, decide for yourself who’s going to sit where and when or make companies and sponsors decide. Assign people to one table or various tables, depending on the moment and situation. 

We provide a queuing system which allows visitors to scan their badge at an exhibitor stand to put themselves in the queue when multiple people have the desire to get in touch with the same exhibitor. The queuing system automatically saves the visitor’s details and when the exhibitor is ready to talk, the visitor’s number gets displayed on a screen and an automatic text message will be send as an extra reminder.

We can provide a full easy-to-use app for visitors (program selection, proposition of exhibitors), as well as an app for exhibitors: visitor registration at their booth and possibility to indicate which visitors are ‘hot leads’ and who wants to be placed on the mailing list.

Alongside the regular registration desks (registration by hosts and hostesses), we offer the possibility to have self-registration desks installed. Some visitors will have the opportunity to quickly register before entering, making it less crowded at entrance. 

In our online environment, an exhibitor invitation system can be incorporated through which exhibitors can invite guests, get insights about registrations and see who’s interested in obtaining more information about their activities.

We offer a photo booth to events where specific people need to have their picture displayed on their badge, for instance: exhibitors, sponsors, organizers, VIP’s and people working at the event.

Webinars and webcast registration

When hosting an online event, have the possibility to let your guests register online and with the option to add payments if needed. Allow visitors to enter you webinar or webcast landing page with a countdown clock. Communicate easily with your guests.

Timeslot planner

Let your guests choose a time slot in advance to control the amount of visitors at physical events. Easily manage the amount of free spots per day or per moment (shifts/lectures). Offer visitors the possibility to pay directly and scan their ticket at the entrance for a streamlined check-in.

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