Press accreditation at art fairs: a guide to wide and positive media coverage
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2023-01-13 13:54:37
The success of an art fair depends on many factors. One of them is positive media attention. To generate this attention, it is not only important to bring the art fair sufficiently to the attention of press representatives, but also to set up a conclusive system that allows only legitimate and desirable press representatives access to the fair. Accreditation, in other words. In this article, we explain what benefits you can gain from press accreditation and how best to go about it when organising an art fair.
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Here's what you need to consider as an art fair organiser
Privacy: an increasingly hot topic. Anyone who comes into contact with another person's data must comply with all kinds of laws and regulations. As an exhibition organiser, you also have to deal with a lot of personal data. Of exhibitors and their relations, for instance. But also of sponsors and other visitors to the fair. So caution is called for, and sometimes that is quite difficult. Because you don't want to make any mistakes when it comes to private data. But what exactly are the rules you have to comply with? And how do you offer your exhibitors and relations sufficient protection?