Hassle-free hospitality: our step-by-step plan
06-07-2023, 16:26
Exhibitors are already burdened with numerous responsibilities in the lead-up to the art fair. Luckily, Eventpartners is available to assist them in easing the task of inviting their clients and connections, which poses its own set of challenges. Here are five approaches we employed to accomplish that for KunstRAI.
1. A secure environment

Each exhibitor was granted access to their own online environment, protected by 2-factor authentication. This allowed them to manage the information of their own contacts and personally invite their guests for specific days and moments.

2. A custom invitation system

The invitation system was tailored to the exhibitors' preferences in advance, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for inviting their guests.

3. Real-time insights

Within their personalized environment, exhibitors could monitor the status of their RSVPs. If desired, reminders could be sent.

4. Printed invitations

Prefer sending printed invitations? Not a problem. Eventpartners printed the required QR code on the invitation card for admission.

5. Registration desk with look-up system

Guests who did not have their ticket on hand could register at our registration desk at the fair.

Want to know more?

A detailed explanation and tips for organising an art fair can be found in our paper 'Event registration at art fairs'.